Blog Post 6:

As a teacher, I believe I’ll still have a Twitter during my career.  Especially with the use of #edtech, you can already find some great new ideas to spice up your classroom using technology that you’ve never thought of before. Using blogs, twitter, and other webpages are great because not only can you acquire ideas to contribute to the classroom and develop your PLN, but you can also be the provider for ideas among your other fellow teachers.  This allows you to be creative and share your imagination with the world! For example, I don’t think I’ll interactively use Twitter with my Kindergarten students, but various hashtags could help better me as a teacher to help my children learn. As stated in the podcast, I also think keeping a blog with homework and other important announcements for the parents to go on and see would be helpful in my classroom as well!

For the most part when I was younger, I just remember typing things into Google because it was easiest to get a semi-relative result.  However, over the years I’ve seen an array of inappropriate things from using this search engine, because it wasn’t filtered for my eyes. I think Google Scholar would be more appropriate for children locating things on the Web, or many of the other websites that the book listed, one for example being AskJeeves for Kids.  I also believe that when young children are searching any internet search engine, a parent or teacher should be present to monitor their results and safety. For example, we learned that was a pornography site, which could very easily be entered by a young child to research the actual White House. This is important so that children are not exposed to things harmful to them or their learning.

The blog posts I commented on this week are:


During the Web Hunt assignment, I learned that your first search and link that you click on will not always be the one that is most relevant to what you’re searching for! Many of the times, the link I clicked took me to another link where I would find a reasonable answer to my search.  I did feel like the assignment was a bit too repetitive, after I got through about 10 searches I was over it.  It was fairly easy though if you know how to search certain things though, so I liked that about it! I can improve by using an array of search engines next time, rather than just using Google. In the future, I can use what I learned from the assignment to help better the searches for my Kindergarten class when they go to the computer lab for various things.


5 thoughts on “Blog Post 6:

  1. tcolacurcio says:

    I hadn’t quite thought about how search engines like google and expose kids to such inappropriate content. I like that you talked about recommended sites that kids can use like Google Scholar. They are definitely a more educational way to search for things without worry that students will run into things the wrong things. I like your thoughts on it!


  2. Shuang says:

    So you know, there’s a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), through which the visibility of a website in a search engine can be modified. It is also an Internet marketing strategy. I find it quite interesting. Sadly I don’t know a thing about this process. I wish I do though 🙂


  3. mrc142015 says:

    I think that it’s great that you recognized the inappropriate things on Google. It is definitely a worry for teachers that students will come across these things while doing research.


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